Windsor Upholstery Fabric Tapestry Bag


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These delightful pouches/bags have been created using fabric from the Windsor Textiles Tapestry range.

In my quest to prevent as much unwanted fabric from going to landfil, almost all of my products are made with upholstery swatch samples that have been rescued/reclaimed. The lining fabric I use in my bags, is usually cotton or cotton blend, whilst the outer tapestry fabric for these is 100% polyester.

Each bag measures approximately 7 1/2″ high x 12″ wide or 19cm high x 30cm wide.

As all of these bags have been made with sample swatches, there is only one colourway of each available.

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W-ZB01, W-ZB02, W-ZB03, W-ZB04, W-ZB05, W-ZB06, W-ZB07, W-ZB08, W-ZB09, W-ZB10, W-ZB11, W-ZB12, W-ZB13, W-ZB14, W-ZB15, W-ZB16, W-ZB17, W-ZB18, W-ZB19, W-ZB20, W-ZB21, W-ZB22, W-ZB23, W-ZB24, W-ZB25, W-ZB26, W-ZB27, W-ZB28, W-ZB29, W-ZB30, W-ZB31, W-ZB32, W-ZB33, W-ZB34, W-ZB35


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