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This grocery bag is made using quality upholstery fabric, and measures approximately 43cm wide x 36cm high.

Designed to fit on a standard supermarket bag stand, it is easy for the checkout operator to fill with groceries.

Bag has two sturdy handles made with a very strong 25mm POLYPROPYLENE WEBBING.

Seams are overlocked and stitched again for security, and handles very securely stitched in place.

These bags are not only for groceries, but make a great gift idea as well. Why not have one for each day of the week, or even one to match your attire. Great for the beach, as an overnight clothes bag, music bag, laptop bag…. Just about anything you can think of.

If you’d like to make your own bags, just follow the video link for the tutorial.

Weight .15 kg

Gold, Orange Brown with Grey fleck, Teal Diamond, Olive Green, Taupe/Aubergine/Grey Diagonal, Grey Diamond, Denim, Taupe/Aubergine/Grey Geometric, Green Diamond, Black Diagonal, Blue Diagonal, Red Geometric, Chocolate Textured, Wheat/Cream, Burgundy Fleck, Wheat Textured, Cream on Cream Floral, Deep Orange/Red, Denim Textured, Teal, Burgundy, Mint, Blue Stripe, Denim/White Stripe, Cream Floral, Denim Floral, Mid Blue, Light Grey/White Twigs, Dark Grey/White Twigs, Blue/White Floral, Light Grey Stripe


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