Lithuanian Linen Throw Rug Claret/Dark Burgundy


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Claret/Dark Burgundy Throw Rug

This throw has been made from Lithuanian linen sample pieces that have been put back together to make this stunning lightweight throw.

Another of my recycle/rescue projects created to prevent it going to land fill.

This fabric came my way when the importer had plans to market the fabric in Australia. Eager to get it into stores he patiently cut all his fabric into sample swatches ready to distrubute. Sadly he had no interest from stores and was forced to discard all his hard work.

Fortunately we crossed paths and after coming up with a few ideas, I’ve settled on these throws to get the best use out of such lovely quality fabric.

All our throws have been securely pieced with the overlocking being a design feature. They’ve all been machine washed and dried in a clothes dryer to give it the wrinkled effect.

A lovely simple throw that will brighten up any corner or seat in your room. As I only had enough to make one, this will be all that’s available.

Would you like to make this yourself, or see how they’re made? Here’s the video link.


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