Toy Box IV

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Toy Box  IV

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Toybox IV: The Anniversary Collection c. 1930 by Sara Morgan, a Blue hill Fabric

100% cotton fabric

Although we tend to identify these fabrics as '30s prints, in truth they were used for sewing well before the Depression and for several years after.
Toybox motifs are actually a type of feedsack print and feedsacks gained their popularity as far back as the late 19th century, when cotton sacks began to replace barrel containers for farm and food products. As the price of cotton began to drop, women began to use the bags for quilts, clothing, and other household needs.
By the 1930's, manufacturers had realized the popularity of the prints and became competitive to produce the most attractive, desirable motifs. This became instrumental in how women shopped for their flour, grain, sugar, rice - even feed for their farm animals!
Soon the magazines picked up on the craze and began to offer patterns for aprons, children's clothing, quilts - just about anything they could think of that would use these trendy prints. Sara's never-ending stash of Toybox fabrics delights us every time she shares them on a new collection and this "light brights" are no exception.