Rockin' Nagambie

This page is for those that love to Rock n Roll, attend our classes, but don't have access to our Facebook page.

Welcome to Rockin' Nagambie.....

Not one to let you forget your night, each week Chris & I will update you on moves and dances you've learned for the evening and keep you posted on upcoming dance events....Happy Dancing!  Cheers Christine

Lessons held Friday nights 7pm.  If you'd like to join our Facebook page, just click on the link provided.  or check out the Google + Page

July 25th

For those that are coming to the Nagambie Social Dance on Friday Sept 9th, I've just heard from Di Grant re the dances that she'd like.  Fortunately most will know a few of these, but for anyone that needs help, I'm happy to do extra lessons on Sunday nights when Chris & I are available, and we'll also be able to add some to Friday night's list.

Here are the dances...

Evening 3 step

Pride of Erin

Palma Waltz


Chicago Swing (you all know this one)

Old Time Barn Dance......

Of course we'll still be doing our rock n roll demo, and will also have some of our line dances too.  

If still have energy after all that, and you'd like to learn some more dances I can find out from Ian what he'll be putting on and we can learn those too.

July 24th

HI Rockers... Here's a quick update on  last Friday's moves.....We went over the moves we've been working on over the past few weeks (you can see the list on last weeks post), and you also learned "The Necklace".
Remember when doing this one that you let your partners hand go when it's behind your neck, and step in diagonally a little too.
We had a great quick warm up with The Hucklebuck, and yes it is a very quick little dance. We refreshed ourselves on Lover Please, and Chicago Swing, Box Rumba & Progressive Jive.....
Just a note too that the Chicago Swing only has one shuffle in and out not two as we did in the second dance on Friday.
The Rock n Roll routine is getting a little long too so I'll be creating a couple of shorter ones for us to work on. Much easier to remember shorter routines. Remember though that you don't have to follow these at dances. It's purely just to help you out whilst still learning.
Happy Dancing Everyone!

July 15th

Sorry for the delay in updating our dance moves but sometimes I actually need to do some real work😥
Here's a list of the moves we've been practicing lately.

It's great to see everyone consolidating everything learned so far.
As well as these moves, we've worked on the roll across to the other side where the leader signals his partner by showing his hand out to the left, and also the roll in as indicated by the lack of hand signal.
Another cool move was blocking the lady's arm then hand as she spun around with a double spin on exit.
I hope you're all enjoying the line/sequence dances too. Everyone's doing a great job and when you look at the list of dances done so far, we've certainly got a few under our belts in such a short time.
The latest dances over the last couple of weeks are The Queen of Hearts Rumba and The Glide..... and how much fun was The Hucklebuck!!Chris Anderss certainly did a great job when he crossed over😆
See you all Friday. Happy Dancing everyone!

July 2nd

Great news Everyone!! We have a new venue for our dance lessons.
As of next Friday 8th July, we will now be running our Rock 'n Roll nights at the Nagambie Senior Citizens Centre 358-360 High St.
This means we can now do the twist, the glide, and as many cha cha cha's as we can handle on the great smooth surface.
Now that we have a confirmed venue, we'll be able to advertise properly and increase the numbers so we can have a great Rock 'n Roll community right here in Nagambie.
So...... A recap on last night's lessons.....
We went over the steps learned over the past few weeks, Canberra Kicks
Half Spanish Arms
Block by the man
New moves were
Rocker's Waltz (lady under, man under, lady under)
Roll across to other side
New dance was Lover Please to the tune of "
Have fun practicing all your dance moves and we'll see you next week at the Senoir Citz!

June 24th

It was great to see a few new faces braving the cold weather tonight. Didn't we get a lot done!
Revisiting some established moves and introducing a couple more, and then working on several line/sequence dances.
Here's the run down...
Cruisin' Cha Cha
Rock n Roll Waltz
Chicago Swing (Candy man song)
Box Rumba (I love a rainy night)

The moves we worked on were
Half Spanish Arms from double hand pick up with wrap and roll out.
Points. With a walk, or with top turn and throw away.
Block by the man from a back step with double spin for the lady
Canberra Kicks.
Remember that Canberra Kicks starts from the back step, twist/step in to your partner with a kick to the front. Repeat this again, then on the third do a double kick with a top turn and throw away.
Hope you all had a great night and enjoy your weekend.

June 17th

Hi all. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves tonight.
A couple of new moves were introduced, those being Half Spanish Arms from a roll out, along with the "block move" by the man that we touched on last week, and more work on points.
The new dance learned was Chicago Swing to Candyman, with a refresher on Crusin' that we've been working on over the past few weeks.
Hope you all have a great weekend. Chris and I are off to dance the night away with The Speedsters at the Shepparton dance tomorrow night.
Happy Dancing Everyone!

June 3rd

I hope none of you have had a brain overload with all the moves we worked on tonight.
Let me know if you think we're going through the moves too quickly, or we repeat ourselves too much. I'm happy to slow things down if needed.....
So tonight we repeated the moves we worked on last week, and added a new move. Have to keep those feet tapping!
Gentlemen, this is one that you will need to tell your partner that you're going into it. Begin with your two basics, top turn with a throw away, call points as you bring your partner in, then after your back step, it's kick, kick, to the front, kick, kick toward each other, back step. Twice. Then you can either top turn with a throw away, or tell your partner "with a walk" and take 4 steps turning, clicking your fingers, pick up mans hand and complete. Easy right? :v
Line dance for the night was Cruisin' with the song Still Cruisin' by The Beach Boys followed by a refresher of Rock n Roll Waltz.
Happy Dancing! See you next week :)

May 27th

We had a big night tonight with loads of new moves. As promised, here they are....
Two basics
Top turn, loop the lady back across
man loops back across twice
back to basics
Top turn, throw away with left hand, back to shake hand hold, and American spin out
back to basics
Top turn, double hand pick up into a wrap with a back step twice
back to basics
double hand pick up into a wrap with a back step on ladies left foot into a roll out. Man signal with hand, top turn, back to basics
Next was the progressive Cha Cha followed by Rock n Roll Waltz.
Happy Dancing! See you next week :)